anger never comes alone it drags other things

Post activities, exercises, and anything else you do that has helped you to cope with anger.

anger never comes alone it drags other things

Postby doodles77 on Sun Aug 10, 2008 5:24 pm

had a really painfull and difficult situation with a blog site . it's a communuity of communitys and the mod staff at the d.i.d. site was not simply insulting but creatively like a big bad borderline person ... it has shaken my trust issues to the core . one of the people i highly respect and trust user name came up and i am not accuseing this person because it is probibly someone else useing it spelled slightly diffrent .

anger for us is how we sugar coat pain hurt loss and things so hard to cope with ....

this person basically not only implyed we are retarded but then elaborated upon it .

so here we are ... our only social outlet and we are not feeling safe anywhere . we really flamed this mod to insure that no one ever goes back there ... the recognized username i sent a pm to it got returned unopen ...

parts want to keep up with the main blogs we use others just want to say i quit ... not our style to say i quit but ?????? don't want to be hurt anymore ...
healing might seem so slow --- yet worth all the effort
even more posts!
even more posts!
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