fears of letting people seeing stuff in us

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fears of letting people seeing stuff in us

Postby doodles77 on Sun Sep 21, 2008 7:13 pm

all my life we have had a big fear of allowing people to see how much i have learned and understand . i was able to read way before i ever went to school but my grahms didn't want me skipped up so she didn't teach me to write and told me to not let teacher see i could read .

one of the reasons we isolate is to avoid this ... once people start to get to know me they see this intellectual side and it's really hard when they go wow you are so smart .... it's genetics not me .... so when some topics come up we are really scared to post replys ....

even posting this feels like a really bad case of bragging .... and i feel this wall of panic starting to build up .... so i usually act like i'm either a silly joker or play dumb . and lately this is bugging us . if we have the abilitys then use them ....

my mother was the opposit she was never glad to see a's or b's on our report cards and got mad at us for bringing home our homework . not just me all 4 of us kids ...

could this be why it's so hard and such a struggle ??? goota go ... not feeling safe .
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even more posts!
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