hello i'm from inside

Describe activities, exercises, and methods you have used to establish communication within your system.

hello i'm from inside

Postby doodles77 on Fri Jul 04, 2008 11:23 am

i'm one of the internal communication specalists ... we are veterans and built some things inside based on some aspects of militay structures .

for the most part inner communicatios are very open , if for any reason it's a triggering topic the echo group developed as younger people . they can create a barrier that anything unhealthy is not shouted into the co-concious but routed to who can help them .

we also have a set of circles within circles . we do not know how .. but they have a language all their own ... many can not speak english but understand spoken english ... they have some connected translaters ... this language apparently developed very young to keep certain things super secret from getting blasted out and cause crisis ... to hide things that were very AB*****

over the last 8 years some have been learning to speak english ... we THINK ? this internal language was developep to insure ra stayed super secret ....

i am both a circle member and have learned english ... one of the first to try ... i have a co present with me to help me properly word and spell i am dosoyska it means yes i can speak . i was one of the first who trusted therapist enough to talk about things we were tpld to never tell .

realized only way to have better mind health was to break this law and tell ... we think no more hideing ... we want to feel free and not worry about what other people think . we did nothing wrong so why fear ... we pray soon god will help society d.i.d. is not this fearful thing ...
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even more posts!
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