Organizational tools

This is the place for concrete suggestions about coping with simple aspects of daily living. Things like organizing your time, or figuring out your finances. If you've found strategies that are helpful in keeping different parts happy throughout the day, or in getting the right parts to work on time, or things like that, describe them here.

Organizational tools

Postby JigsawAnalogy on Sun Jul 13, 2008 2:36 am

There are two websites that I have found very helpful in coping with basic organization in my life.

Remember The Milk is a website that will help you to manage your to-do lists. What I like is that you can set it to give you a lot of different reminders--by text message, email, IM, etc. I use it both for tasks that are one-time events (say, a meeting or a reminder to pick particular things up from the grocery store) and for recurring things (I personally have reminders set for things like eating meals, because that is something my system tends to forget to do, and at least with a reminder, *someone* will remember that eating is something to consider doing!) You can update your task list either online or by email (if your phone will send an email, you can use that as well). It's very convenient.

Google Calendar is also really helpful. You are able to send text messages when you find out about something that is coming up, and, like Remember the Milk, Google Calendar will send you reminders of upcoming events. I have also used this as a way of keeping track of what I have done during the day--writing down when I eat and what, how I was feeling, things like that. So it can be a helpful record of the day, and it can be a way of remembering which things are happening at what times.
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