Or other ways of finding out about the other parts in your system. Describe things that have been useful for you.


Postby doodles77 on Fri Jul 04, 2008 5:21 pm

trying to get martha here she's the map maker of the inside .

basically you need to have a basis of trust with those you will be mapping .... with us we have mapped areas but the groups can not tell who everyone in their group . it's like a built in failsafe ..... our names are also an important clue to where one fits to where ...

my name martha , means i connect to the first few primary personalitys ... because our legal name starts with an m . but no one in here has the leagle name .

the first 4 are 3 females with almost the same name ... from the root legal name ... one male our first protector all of these have been from birth and grown in real time ...

the names are reused within some groups or are exported to start a diffrent group ....

(complex poly fragmentation) it's finding a willing helpper or 4 or 5 and the kids from 5-9 in us know the inner world better than most in our system ... we send them to ask who wants to be put into a file of who is who who is how old who likes this who has what job . if they feel ready . we'd put it on a file card index card and went to ask others ...

i got pretty good at sorting who is in what group and at times why ....

i always put a line or draw a big wall at the bottom of the page . this tells them they are safe inside and that line is to show they are not in front or out .... then ask them to put their name or logo where they are behind the wall .

i'll add mor later these are basics the biggie

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even more posts!
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