Frustrated? Try something new

Or other ways of finding out about the other parts in your system. Describe things that have been useful for you.

Frustrated? Try something new

Postby Memyself&who on Sun Jul 13, 2008 5:14 pm

We have so many different types of maps. We've started maps and not felt like working on them anymore. Some like certain kinds of maps better than others (or littles seem to like Venn Diagrams or traditional maps *like word mapping in creative writing*).
For us I found most of us frustrated and arguing over the word mapping. (thinking maybe we should just leave that to the little ones to do totally on their own, in their own way.) It's been started and abandoned several times.

I did a brief couple of paragraphs once about each part of me I was aware of at the time, it was just from my perspective.

I have done sort of a timeline or tree type map. It tries to show when people showed up and how they might be 'related'.

We have done a drawing of how our inner worlds look in relation to the physical body and it also shows how fronting sometimes works for us.

We've created one with everyone name on an outer ring and then lines and arrows to show relationships. Who knows who, who's aware of who, who talks to who, communication one way or two ways etc. Yeah, it's a mess lol!

Finally (maybe ha!) we have a chart, chart. We saw a few friends doing mapping with spreadsheets. We thought this was an awesome way to kind of cover everything. We didn't have Excel so we got Open Office. It's free, you can just install the Calc program if you want I would think. This one so far is working really well. We have a lot filled out and everyone seems to like to share (no handwriting giving each other away maybe lol).

So that's what I've learned it your getting frustrated and overwhelmed try different things. A tip passed on to me: It takes time. Be patient.
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