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our protectors are a seperate group but

PostPosted: Sun Jul 13, 2008 7:37 pm
by doodles77
our protecters are a seperate group and we have never had and trouble communicateing with them or really stopping them from going too far to protect ... we call them the guardians and they come in all ages and both genders .... they work as a team and have high inner authority .

for example if one is acting out any guardian can place them in lock up or under guards or sent to the safe place where those who may be going into crisis are placed with internal helpers to help them until they recover ...

yo'man is the lead body protector ... he's got this unique talent of simply looking at someone in this "look" people always back down ... he's also the biggest pacifist in here .... hates any real violence so he's practice the look until he got it right ... uh think i really need to go now ta ta in a really big hurry ... later someone else comes and asks what did you do to him or her they say they are petrified of you ... uh nothing just looked at them ... and they rushed off ...

all our groups are interdependant upon each other and work very well together ... but we have been actively working this almost every day for 23 years ....

Re: our protectors are a seperate group but

PostPosted: Sun Jul 13, 2008 9:34 pm
by Memyself&who
LOL ours have the look down as well. People often think certain things because I (core/body person) am small (4ft 10). Close friends who have gotten "the look" though are quick to tell others not to push buttons, boundary's and limits with me because they are so terrified of that look.

That's interesting about the grouping. We have 3 what I call extreme protectors (some might call them DA's or Dark Alters.) They are related, though they say they are not exactly siblings. Everyone including the two females of that group keep at great distance from the male since he's our persecutor insider. Then one of the sexual protectors hangs out with one of the females from that group.

We have been very curious about how others handle, not sure what to call it...was about to say punishment. I guess it is that but I didn't want it to sound like the other kind of self punishment. I guess law enforcement, maybe. I'm still not really sure how that works for us, just know that somehow it does happen. We have both lock ups (two jails) and a ban land. I'm not sure really how we put someone in the ban land, it's not like the jails. Just seems to happen. So interesting to hear how it works for you all, Neveralone.

our hows

PostPosted: Mon Jul 14, 2008 1:28 pm
by doodles77
yo'man primary protector ... he's also the primary lock up dude . on the rare even someone needs punished by putting all of us in real danger . he takes care of it ...

really the only infraction that's really considered punishable is to use hurt or do anything which would hurt a kid or kids inside ... first time it happened her really punished the adult who used a kid to do something wrong and got the rest of us in really big trouble . he also broadcast it all systems wide . seems no one really wants to break many rules sense then .

he gave this adult many chances to atone , but he refused to . he used a mild punish the dude laughed so he kept adding a bit more toughness . still no i'm sorry i won't do it agains until it was ok try this ... now this adult says i deserved it because i did put a child in danger and was given plenty of chances but i was too stubborn and bull headeed to just say ok i was wrong .

that was 7 years ago and apparently many learned alot by the more public aspects ... yo'man realized a this infraction was important enough to get super tough over ... and make it an example to warn others that this level of breaking the rules will not be tolerated .....

yo'man hates haveing this job but he's got a skill that makes him the logical choice ... we call it trapping the body . only he can keep anyone else from gaining control over the body then do something inappropriate .... and believe us big groups have challanged this and if he don't want to let someone move he can keep the body from being moved ... back at ra we learned to not physically react to seem a bit more invisable and it was him .