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Ways of communicating with abusive or otherwise upsetting parts. Techniques for managing their behavior. Techniques for getting them into the present, and changing their roles.

curious to this topic

Postby doodles77 on Thu Jul 03, 2008 2:27 pm

we have a group we call the creeps ... they tend to tinker and cause problems ... not within our system and not with any real malace ... they just sort of don't know how they should act . they were are at times a problem ... the littles are the ones who know when a creep is close to the front and cry because they think they'll get in trouble because of a creep messing up .

we have read about others who have dark others and ones who get into alot of trouble or are being malicious within at others ... we simply have not had this kind of group ....

the worst experence with a creep was julie who had this thing about being mean to meg ... meg realized it was a teen doing it but kept it to herself . then when we caught julie doing this to meg we gave her two options . she could clean up her act , go on probation and learn to not bug people or cause them pain . or go into long term guarded lock up .

she decided to become a probie ... she worked hard and is a very valuable asset now . she can remember where things got put because she really loves to clean house and sort stuff and organize things ... meg is very organized mentally but ahhh not with things she uses just dumps everything she was useing into a plastic grocery scak and ties it shut ...

for years we expected to have a group of abusive and really upsetting folks show up .... but apparently if they are there someone locked them up very very well .... any who come and cause problems are given 2-3 options and if they refuse they go into a very spartin like lock up ... left to think about do i want to stay in this place or smarten up and try to learn the rules and try to be cooperative ...

even the si people have changed . they may think about si but don't do it very much ... as a diabetic cuts take forever to heal and they understand about this ...

we know others with d.i.d that have abusive others and was pretty much confused by the lack of any reaaly abusive or upsetting parts

maby because until we were 17 we knew about each other . interqcted problem solved ect ... when we decided to join the military they all went underground so it could be hidded with all the tests you'd take to get into the military .. it was less than 10 years we were not aware of the others ..... and even as littles we understood the only way to live with the screaming chaos with mom and ra they had to work in teams .
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Re: curious to this topic

Postby JigsawAnalogy on Thu Jul 03, 2008 6:45 pm

Can you give us some details on the specifics of how you came to an agreement? Did you write something down, or just have a talk?

I guess what I'm asking is, if someone else wanted to do the same thing you did, having a conversation, or creating a place for parts to go if they wouldn't cooperate, what should they do?
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ya asked how bit long

Postby doodles77 on Thu Jul 03, 2008 7:50 pm

oy oy oy .... it started very young ... my mom was very dangerous and to do anything she didn't like >>>>> BAD >>>> so the littles seemed to understand between the ra and mom we had to be very very good ... so a littles co-concious began ... and other sub systems also developed ... we had these two young boys one named ish the other named id ... (might want to hunt up programmers in ra stuff) id was the boss and he was very reasonable . he set out some basic rules that ish and his guys would make sure were followed ....

we have discovered that we can still create new places in our mind .... the best way is to work in group efforts . pre planning what you want ... we'd write it out and really put details in some places .... we developed places to go play . the white sandy beach where no one can ever visit just us anyone inside is welcome and have really kool beach partys ...

we had this really bad place called the mansion ... probibly created by our programmer ... it was full of nightmares we could never escape . on night we decided we were going to call a gathering and storm the mansion distroy what we could then change the rest ... it is now a place inners go to have fun .

so we learned we can create places or distroy or change exhisting places .... ish and id were the ones close to age 9 that were able to discuss important stuff with others inside and assign tasks jobs and the like ...

it was when we were first diagnosed that we had to create lock up ... we got tired of si and su attempts ... we had no idea about the ish and id haveing had really good internal networking ...
they probibly communicated to adam , martha , paul , martin , nickki , nicole , nick xxxx xxxx xxxx the xxx is because no group is ever allowed to tell all the names if we try to recall them they are literally blocked . martha did a very serious su ... fortunatly our faith brough us back from her successful attempt ... still don't know why but very very happy God did .

martha needed to be placed in a safe contained place ... her doubled split mate paul went in with her ... we then thought it's dark and lonely in there . she was in real crisis ... can't leave them like that and took the best parts of the psyche wards and created this very safe calm quiet internal psyche ward for her ... then at times others would need this ...

but we also had some who refused to follow the really simple rules ... it wasn't right to put them on the ward so we gathered again and developed 3 levels of lock up ... one is pretty much like a real jail ... the second was more a prison with guards from the classification guardian group .... the third is very dark , lonely and the guards are seldom allowed to speak to the prisoners .

we accomplished this with a mix af self hypnosis ... ie what we as littles learned to do to create splits . then we used internal visualisation ... we would visualize things chuck out some as ineffective and added more effective things and we did it as a group willing to be co-concious and work for the same goals ... the more we visualized each new place we were adding in a pretty consistant way the more real they became then they were brought to the point we could go there and send others there . ...

these places are what we imagined we wanted them to be like ... haveing been born an artist and able to draw very well very young helped us with this ... sometimes we'd draw a map of how to get here or there and would also play archetect and draw out the way we wanted these places to be like ...

later we wrote out some basic rules and the consiquences for breaking them ... clean the toilet with a tooth brush no rubber gloves is the most hated one .... we also wrote out the rewards for changeing improper behaviors or for doing things no one else wanted to ...

for some there were written contracts ... if you signed you got more out time . if you didn't sign you got to sit in a spot and watch the ones who had earned privilidges ....

after martha did that really really not alive for oh 10-15 min act we then developed a group called the watchers or the eye in the sky . no one none is ever out without someone inside watching to stop any si su attempts and go call 911 immediatley ....

how we understaood we could do this was because there had always been these places inside first created by the minimunchkin crowd .. they would go hide there inside ... if a bunch of 2 year olds could do it so long ago then the ability must still be there ... i had a therapist not pj but LL who taught us self hypnosis is how we spilt in the first place and used it as a relaxation thing not to find folks and force them into doing therapy .... he helpped us create the sandy beach ....

for us the one thing we know for a fact that allowed this to work was the willingness to be co-concious . now i'm going to go hide because these are topics that are usually restricted to shut up or lock up . but we took a poll and more agreed if this might help someone else then it's a responsible action needing done ... i am in data group ... data is possibly part personality and partially a function within the brain thus like a conduit that is a real brain function that somehow developed into partial personality ... this is what our old shrink dr. o thought .

dosodendeyah :roll
healing might seem so slow --- yet worth all the effort
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