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more about upsetting parts .

PostPosted: Mon Jul 14, 2008 1:49 pm
by doodles77
we don't think we have what others call abusive or dark others . if we had they would have been out oh 23 years ago when we started therapy .... the creeps are more like rebelious teens tho some are adults ... :neener: we found a way to really make flipping over highly desirable . it's a chit system . a chit is like a coin . each diffrent kind of chit by colore ect has a consistant value . earn enough chits you can really earn a super prize .... some save them up and add more then get a tidy bit of cash to go shopping at the dollar tree ...

we also buy stuff at the dollar tree to give as instant rewards ... this really encourages the problem people to think hard .. couple of days in lock up or this really kool thing in the treasure chest or prize sack . :hmm: so inside this :phone: communication begins and this is the biggest part of success ... internal communication once it's working well makes such a vast improvement ,,, thigs get easier .

in the beginning we set up journals with a few rules it's ok to say i am so mad at say julie and i'm ready to loose my temper .. no calling bad names our any form of attacks .... keep cussing to a minimum ... then julie would have the oppertunity to read it and reply as to why she did this or that ... we had some inner communication in the head but really we had to develop the skill so we would write out conversations each had a symbol they put in front of their say ...

this gave privacy so when a problem person like julie once was could enter and not be fearfull of rejection ... now julie has earned a pretty important place of responsibility simply by decideing creeps get nothing and workers do ... gotta run humid = need nap