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our hubby has d.i.d. too

PostPosted: Sat Jul 05, 2008 8:39 am
by doodles77
our hubby also has d.i.d. ... the lady who diagnosed him wanted me in the office too one day . she said don't allow him to do therapy . it might be more than he could deal with and send him long term in a hospital . then sense you have done most of your therapy just allow him room to feel safe and never try to be his therapist ...

this was 7 years ago ... we simply would try to help him undersand that he's a wonderful person and can do alot more things if he's only try .... well in 7 years we have both grown alot and are ever closer ... we don't really get into talking about the past before we met . we respect each other's privacy and have learned each others cues when the other may be haveing a tough time . then we try to support eachother and help out without alot of why this why that ...

at times i notice he's haveing flashbacks . all we do is explain what a flash back is and comfort him ... so he understands that it will stop hopefully soon .