we think these blogs help

Thoughts about being "out" about being multiple; ways of connecting with other multiples; ways of spreading awareness of dissociative disorders.

we think these blogs help

Postby doodles77 on Wed Jul 02, 2008 10:15 pm

we been out about haveing d.i.d. for years lots of them . it's easier to deal with other peoples reactions then trying to remember who you said what to to explain why you just did something strange to them .

the media is still stuck in this rutt of d.i.d. is rare d.i.d. is strange ... this can be pretty triggering but we feel very strongly about this .... for very good reasons ... i'm puttin this warning just in case some find it a trigger .. sometimes i'm not sure about what could trigger others /// i really don't want to trigger other people ... i am he who is called highly oppionated ...

until people with d.i.d. feel that other people will accept it and not think where the media is stuck ...d.i.d. is blah blah blah ... more books getting written with a more healthy view of things ... not simply about why they developed d.i.d. like sybill ect . i read a book i refuse to put the title ... i think she was very irresponsible for publishing it ... i was so triggered i couldn't read a book for 2 years and i had grown up where reading wasn't only fun but educational .. i'd read 4-5 books a week . but after reading this book i'd panic big time about even touching a book .

i we are really considering getting into advocacy mostly for people with d.i.d. and getting less than help more of the d.i.d. is blah negatives added here blah ... getting the wrong kind of therapy and drugged up too much .. we lived that for too many years .

example ... gay people were considered terribl and disgusting people ... unfortunately some still feel this way . yet they sort of networked and began openly saying i am gay and proud of it ... it does not mean i am a bad person simply diffrent .

we all in here feel that at some point those of us with d.i.d. will come to this new journey and when each becomes ready they will step out and say i have d.i.d. i also hope when this is done a bit more then a bit more that society will be more willing and aware of children being hurt so much thry begin to split and there will be more realistic help ....

23 years ago i realized i was being abusive to my kids trying to protect them from a very violent father ... i called social services . reported both of us ... then i lost it and had my first admit . he got the kids see she's crazy look where she is ... my kids both ran away from him around age 13 ... my son did not make it and was lost in a car accident and my daughter is too much like mes .

we have no reason to feel we must hide ... we are the ones that were ab**** .. we never asked to be or wanted it ... we are how we are because the human spirit will fight to survive ...
and lots of people wish none of us step out to say i have d.i.d. ... ... for they acted and caused it ... and want it to stay hidden .
healing might seem so slow --- yet worth all the effort
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