Thoughts about being "out" about being multiple; ways of connecting with other multiples; ways of spreading awareness of dissociative disorders.


Postby doodles77 on Sat Jul 12, 2008 8:40 pm

if we think that we have hidden the d.i.d. really well and this person has no idea ... at times it gets back to us .... what is with her ??? she so moody and at times acts really weird ... kinda creepy blah blah blah ... so if this same person says this to anyone of most people who know us tells them oh she has mpd / d.i.d. they are oh yahh that explains it ....

also makes the words ooops i forgot much more acceptable when people know you have this thing in your head that's there spicifacally to forget stuff and remembering at times is difficult but not impossible . simply ask them so can you remind me and see if we can get it back ...

my case managers always call the day we have an appt to remind us just incase we had forgotten it ... and yes at times we take written notes when there's alot of stress ...

lately we know we are loosing more time so we made this work sheet with the important never forget things in the same spot sent it to the print shop and got enough for a month ... print shop for this many is cheaper than useing your ink jets up .

so if anyone has any ideas of things to put on these log sheets that would apply to other folks why not post them and we could end up creating a valuable tool for all of us .... like ...sometimes i remember takeing my meds but not if it was this night or last night ... which of the 2 kids of insulin did we just take ....oh well ... just an idea . :hmm:
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even more posts!
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