Posting definitions

Here's a section where we can collect the definitions of terms people use in relation to DID/MPD, both the official ones and the different ways we use the terms.

Posting definitions

Postby JigsawAnalogy on Mon Oct 20, 2008 12:46 pm

Please make a new topic for each word or term. And please understand that just because how someone uses a term isn't the same how you, or how "official" literature, defines the term, that doesn't mean any of the definitions are wrong.

I started this section so that we could have some common ground in understanding how a word might be used (for instance, it seems like there are about a dozen different ways people use the word "host").

You can ramble a bit, but the main focus here should be on figuring out how to explain what the word/term means to you, so that we can understand each other a little more clearly. Who knows? We might even come to some consensus about what the words mean, at least for the purposes of using them on this board!

Oh, and please check to see whether the word is already being defined before you start a thread. I think this forum will be easiest to use if all of the discussion of each term is collected in a single thread.
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