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PostPosted: Mon Oct 20, 2008 12:52 pm
by JigsawAnalogy
What does the word "co-conscious" mean? How do you understand it?

Re: Co-Conscious

PostPosted: Mon Oct 20, 2008 3:33 pm
by JigsawAnalogy
I define "co-conscious" as a state where two or more parts are simultaneously at the "front," and are communicating with each other, maybe even cooperating to get a task done.

An example is when a young part has an art project in mind, but asks an older part to do the work, as the younger one describes what they want.

Another example is when an older part is driving the car, but a younger part is riding along and making conversation.

Re: Co-Conscious

PostPosted: Thu Oct 23, 2008 5:55 pm
by Battle_Weary
We see co conscious slightly differently. For us, co conscious means two or more parts are aware of what each other is doing or saying, but they are not necessarily both at the front. For example, I am aware that right now one of our littles really wants to be out coloring and she is mad at me because I am out posting when we are supposed to be writing a paper. She thinks it isn't fair that she can't color because of the paper, but I can go "play" on a web board. This little one is in another area of our castle, but I am aware of her and what she is feeling, we are co conscious. Incidentally, she is right about it not being fair!