if we had known then ... would have ....

Write about the things you wish you had known when you were first diagnosed.

if we had known then ... would have ....

Postby doodles77 on Wed Jul 02, 2008 8:58 pm

if we had known then about the d.i.d. ... we would have tryed to develop the ability of being patient with ourselves sooner ... we would have been more aware that recovery is a process that is realistic when you do things in the right order and not be so much in this fix it fast hurry

as a trained mechanic (AIRCRAFT) there is the right way and this is how it has to be done then the wrong way and a potential crash may happen ... our hurry up get er done now attitude simply caused more crisis and inpatient time .

but most important all within would have probibly stopped the bickering , the arguements and out right fights and have been more willing to become co-concious / co-present and work for the same goals as team members ... took us too long to get to that place ... now that we have our life is smoother and less confuseing .... each learning what they have as important skills to contribute to the whole so life would be brighter and less difficult to struggle with

yep we still have those kinds of days ... but also find new improved ways to cope ... like with humor

we probibly would have tryed to take formal classes in psychology so we'd have been able to understand what the shrinks and wing nutts were so far in denial about it . why they were oh you'll never get better

((OH YAH !!! WATCH ME)))

just settle for being in the psyche ward revolveing door


we did a ton of research the old fashoned way ... 23 years ago have your own computer ???? not ... went to the libray reference rooms to studdy the psychiatry text books ... dry reading and weren't allowed to take a drink in with us ... what we ended up learning there is of great value . but we also learned alot by simply trying something slightly diffrent .... don't si throw a huge tempertantrum on paper then play paper shreadder and make our own confetti ...
healing might seem so slow --- yet worth all the effort
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even more posts!
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