I really wish I had known about uniqueness

Write about the things you wish you had known when you were first diagnosed.

I really wish I had known about uniqueness

Postby Memyself&who on Sun Jul 13, 2008 3:29 pm

I really wish someone had told me that you do not need to fit into the little 'textbook' or Sybil mold. I know part of it was me, I didn't want to know. I didn't want to think a multiple could be any other way but that narrow set of characteristics. I wanted to believe those and that I didn't fit.
When I finally was ready to go look at the information available on the internet I learned I did fit. It's still frustrating to hear from doctors and media that you do have to fit the narrow ideas or your not a "true" multiple.
If multiplicity feels like the right fit, then it probably is.
You don't have to lose time. (We often do)
You don't have to be disordered (Many aren't. Some are on again, off again. If you are disordered then, hey that's ok too)
You don't have to have gone through SRA/RA, CSA, or what other people would consider 'horrible' abuse. (Personally I question if I maybe just born this way and it helped with the later stuff. I question if it was from feeling like I was repeatedly abandoned after my birth mom had me. I've always wondered about the little flashes and feelings I've had about CSA since I was little. In the end who really knows, this is how I am and this is how I got through the things I experienced in my life.)
You don't have to have a core person. Your core person doesn't have to be in charge (We work as a team as best we can)
You can have bizarre creatures, or even inanimate objects, you can even be a nothing!
You don't have to have headmates that are of the opposite gender.
You don't even have to be unaware that you have headmates. You can have always been co-conscious.
Everyone doesn't have to have names etc. They can be confused. You can blend up and all be confused.
It goes on and on. Outsiders are not the complete experts on you and your system and how it runs.
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Re: I really wish I had known about uniqueness

Postby doodles77 on Sat Jul 26, 2008 7:14 pm

hi , we agree with your post ... just wondering what csa is ... been dealing with d.i.d. for years and haven't come accross this term before thanks :facts:
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Re: I really wish I had known about uniqueness

Postby JigsawAnalogy on Mon Jul 28, 2008 10:25 am

I usually understand CSA to stand for "Child Sexual Abuse" in this context.
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