Things we wish we had known earlier on...

Write about the things you wish you had known when you were first diagnosed.

Things we wish we had known earlier on...

Postby Kay on Thu Jul 24, 2008 11:10 am

I think the biggest thing that would have helped was to know that we could live life and still be multiple. Integration is one option for "recovery" or healing, but it is NOT the only choice.

No two multiples are going to heal the same way - what works for one system could be disaster for yours.

Find a therapist that everyone inside is comfortable with or can at least tolerate. Having parts deliberately sabotage your therapy isn't much fun especially when the main person is blamed. You are allowed to shop around for a therapist. You have the right to expect a competent level of care. You also have the right to not continue to live in the abuse and try to heal at the same time, no matter what other outside people may say.

You do not have to have a host personality. Each system is unique and while there are many similarities there is no set formula for how your multiplicity has developed.

Your system could very well change over time. We've found this to be very true as we were diagnosed as teens.

Your entire focus does not have to be on healing 100%. You are still allowed to have a life.

This is your reality - as such it is your choice who you share information with about yourselves and how you operate.
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